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Double Copper Leaf Pendant


I came across a box of vintage army surplus enamel pendants. The outside green is a beautiful olive. Unfortunately the underneath enamel was in bad shape on most of them. What to do??
I secretly have an obsession with all kinds of metal leaf, as well as copper in general.
Went to my box of metal leaf and pulled out copper. I gilded the inside of the pendants and they came out fabulous. I used a vintage style bulb to get that warm glow from the copper. I did NOT seal the copper, so in time (does not take long) the copper with begin to age and change color. If you want the copper to stay bright, I can seal it for you.
This listing is for a double pendant; each pendant hangs off of a copper pipe. The vintage style cord is used as an accent. Bulbs are NOT included.
Measurements 31” wide, 36” drop from the ceiling, each pendant is 12” across.
Comes with a copper canopy and hardware for hanging.
These fixtures can be custom sized to your needs, just let me know.
Recomended watts 75